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Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm PDT
) the late 19th century brought new visitors with new technologies to palenque. the british photographer alfred maudslay arrived in palenque in 1890 and took some of the earliest surviving pictures of the ruins. the photographs and reports of explorers la gdwaudslay and his a w diline maya studies. one of the first breakthroughs in understanding the ancient maya was the decoding of their calendar and complex records of planetary movements and eclipses. well, the maya calendar is one of the most complicated aspects about maya civilization. there actually are several kinds of calendars. there are ones that are a cycle of 260 days, there's a cycle of 365 days, which is like a year. and then there is this grand calendar of infinite time-- it's a linear system. we see that the calendar is a reflection of their cosmology. it's the world order, very much like any calendar system. it's anchored in the stars. it's anchored in the planets. but for the maya it's beyond that. it's really a reflection of the way they structured the order of the universe. (narrator) a new vision of the maya began to e
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
party. can you get unemployment under 6% and how? >> one, you cannot to do [indiscernible] technology has changed everything. the whole scenario has changed. now you have the walmarting of america where people who work or underemployed and cannot survive on his jobs. they are low paid. you have to think of short range and long range. short range, do what is supposed to be done. get jobs to build our country. infrastructure, housing done by people, give people the hammers and nails and let them build the country from the bottom up. give people the imagination so they can get into technology and utilize it to have meaningful jobs. in the long run, there have to be structuanges. everybody needs to work. everybody's passions can to their professions. we would have a whole different way of looking at jobs and what is being done by both the republicans and democrats. >> cheri honkala, your response of vice-presidential nominee for the green party? >> first of all, i want to thank you for having us on today and having this debate. what we would do is green the economy, making sure we put job
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. according to earth energy resources, there's now revolutionary clean technology involving, of all things, oranges. >> if you get all of this out of the ground, separate the oil from the sand, and put all the land back where it came from cleanly, that is exactly with the calgary, the behind this project says it can do with a secret formula, incredibly, involving something you can find any grocery store -- oranges >> a recipe they say can keep you talk beautiful while mining for oil. >> the company president says his patent pending process with citrus extract does the unthinkable. it takes oil from the sand, leaving no pools of toxic waste and will not permanently scar the land. >> our long-term environmental footprint is almost nil. i can say that with high degree of confidence. >> this company video shows the only byproduct is the sand itself, later used to landscape. >> if we cannot do it, then we will go back to canada. >> john weisheit, can you talk about the citrus solution? >> it is a -- it is, like pine needles make turpentine. this is the solvent the want to mix with hot water to
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. workers at sensata technologies have set up a three week encampment called bainport across the street from the plant to protest plans to close at it and move it to china, taking 170 jobs with it. sensata is owned by bain capital, the private equity firm co-founded by republican presidential nominee mitt romney. the workers said they plan to continue the blockades of trucks removing their equipment. "democracy now!" for spoke to the workers at the republican national convention in tampa, florida, where they unsuccessfully tried to meet with romney. then we broadcast live from the worker's encampment, which they call bainport, late last month on our 100-city tour. we spoke to one of the people who was just arrested. she is 16-year-old karri penniston. >> i'm here because i am supporting my mom and everyone that works at sensata because i really think it is a big issue. people support it, but they are like, should i jump out of my body and do something bold with the rest of the people or should i just a back? i am showing people that it is ok to let loose and do something different. >> why do
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4